Thursday, August 31, 2006

We are the Boyz...the Areaboyz...

A great collage by JK on Areaboyz...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Amazing Video...Concept...

Just amazing...the concept and the places he has visited...

dance dancing around world where the hell is matt...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Flower power on I-Day...

A visit to the Indian Independence Day flower show at LalBagh, Bangalore...

Contributions by Prashanth, Niranjan, Vishwas and Sathwick.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

one liners...

Indian public vehicles are well known for their 'interesting' one-liners...
Here are a few i captured...from Bangalore's Auto-rickshaws...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

What Calvin & Hobbes character are you?

Tried this C&H Quiz online on Quiz Farm...
And here is the result...
You scored as Mom and Dad. You are Calvin's mom and dad. Though sometimes Calvin drives you wild, you manage to keep him under control, and sometimes you even get rewared from it. Sometiems...

Mom and Dad






Mrs. Wormwood




What Calvin & Hobbes character are you?
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time to go home...

It was to be for six months...and here it is, the end of my six months' of my stay in Vancouver. And it is time to head back home!

A hard time for me, my last two weeks' of stay...and I would have to just say goodbye to all the wonderful people i met here and go back to India...All the good times I have had with them...all the wonderful places I visited...a lot of memories...a lot of wonderful memories to carry home!

I will surely MISS them! :-((

Sam was one of the first persons I met after I came to Canada. A great person to have as a friend. Have gone for lunch with him on most days from office. He also invited us to his place on numerous occasions and has been a host to movies, dinners and video gaming. He also accompanied me to the CFL football game. Have had a great time with him.
Dinner at Sam's placeat the BC Lions game

Elsa, the girl next door!? A wonderful lady who sits next to me at work. A great person to discuss serious topics or share a joke with...or just have fun! Always has something to offer...apples, strawberries, grapes, etc. While she offered me healthy stuff, I always ended up offering her chocolate junkies... :-))
She was the first person in office to wish me and gift me on my birthday.

Jessica and Mark too were one of the first set of people I met in Canada. Have had a good time with them. Mark took me to the Space Center, invited me over for some gaming ... A great couple to hang out with and have gone out with them to dinner a few times. Good times...
gaming at Mark's placeJessica and Mark

Dave Branson, the guy 'known by all' in office. A great guy who likes his sports - Ice Hockey, Putt-Putt :)), Curling, Lacrosse, Five pin bowling, and any other Canadian sport! Actually his knowledge is not just restricted to Canadian sports and knows all about cricket, soccer, etc! He took me to a BEER league hockey game in which he was playing and also took me to the big Canucks game. We both still have a bet running on who can beat whom at a badminton game. A great guy to work with and very helpful too...Have spent long hours at office preparing documents and reviewing them with him. One trick he likes to play, is to scare away all my friends who are on messenger :-))
Vancouver Canucks game at GM PlaceBEER league hockey!

Gordon took me around some of the places in North Vancouver, the Capilano Dam and around the touristy places in Gastown in downtown Vanvouver. He also accompanied me on the ferry to Victoria on XMas eve. Went to dinner a couple of times with him. A guy who has a lot of information on nature and the outdoors.
at Capilano Dam

This entry is the first in a series, telling about the wonderful people I met and the good times I had with them, in Canada...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tagged or what?
Lucifer has tagged me and I need to find 20 things to tell about myself...tough...!!

Lets see...

1. LOVE my country...INDIA :)

2. Like flowers...strange eh? a guy likes flowers?! i especially like Gerberas (Zerberas!)...and would be more than happy to gift to a girl!

3. One of the usual IT guys from India who has a DigiCam and likes to click at everything...but am sure I have an eye for detail (do all the guys with a Camera think the same??)...some of my photos are a testimony to that...(need some support comments about my photos :-p). Also like to have memories of all the places we visited, places we had dinners, etc...and like to have them in have a huge stack of photo albums at home...some day...will surely bring fond memories back :)
Being an IT dude, also puts me in the set of people who like Gadgets! wow...Surprise!? So needless to say i love playing computer games...have an XBOX at pretty cool...

4. I shall borrow a point from Charlie...hate sleeping in the day...for me sleep is just something to roll over into the next day and nothing more...or it is just to dream about something stupid, for 6-7hrs!

5. Chocos and Ice Cream...anytime..anywhere...even during Canadian winters :)

6. People think I have the worst and the biggest handwriting in the world...but i beg to handwriting is as good as anyone's...!!! is it???

7. I love the outdoors...happy to get out of house and away from the hustle bustle! (hey doesn't this contradict the fact that u sit in front of the comp or xbox to play games...)...OK given a choice I will take the OUTDOORS!

8. Used to consider that friends come ahead of family...more recently both have come on par with each other!

Yeppa...8 points...and my brain is drained...! kaapppaaadii!

9. Believe in 'you can make your own luck' your job and luck will automatically follow!

10. Not the typical Indian who 'knows it all' about movies...have great difficulty to remember movie names and most times I mix up movie names to form a new non-existent movie! Cant remember the names of the new breed of actors and actress!! too complicated...(Involving me in movie trivia is the fun and pastime of my friends!)

11. Eleven for Eleven players in a cricket team...CRICKET...this is the typical Indian thing which I follow...and I 'know it all' when it comes to cricket! And always cheer the Men In Blue...Like Test cricket than one dayers! strange eh?

12. Love to cook...have been good in the kitchen from when I was a kid...You name a Veggie dish and I can cook...and pretty well too...!

13. What would follow cooking??? what else..EATING...FOOD...Veggie Food! People think I just gobble food and never appreciate it and consider all food to be NORMAL...but no...I have my own way of enjoying!! Think Dosa and Gobi Manchuri were the best things to happen for food!

14. Like to keep in touch with friends...would go an extra mile to keep connected with them...a fact that I am very proud of...still meet up with my kindergarten and school buddies, every week near school, and play a game of cricket or just hangout...keep in constant touch with the Jundk gang...and lots of friends from office too! So end up making a customised phone book which has to fit in my wallet...cant buy it off the shelf as they are too small for my list!

15. Cant ride a two wheeler in Bangalore traffic...Nuts! Have been trying since six years...seems soo complicated and not worth the effort...So that makes for good public transport sense (can come up with a BMTC/BTS trivia list)...Also makes me street smart...literally...know the lanes/by-lanes/back-lanes/gullies of B'lore in-out!! Ask Vibe about my navigation skills...

16. Speaking of Bangalore...just love the city!!!Looking to go back to its sights and sounds...

17. Like History and Geography...something which always fascinated me as a when I travel I would like to know the history and facts about the place! And thus this makes Travelling an automatic entry into my 'Things I like list'...i wonder if there are people in the world who do not like to travel and see places??? i hope not...

18. Never liked reading FAT novels...but recently...things have changed...and it is never too late to start!

19. Never drink Coffee / Tea at home...but then put me in CoffeeDay/Starbucks/Blenz/any Cafe...can drink forever if a good topic is in the air and the topic is a slightly debatable one!! (forms the core principle of the 18th Cross Malleshwaram Coffee Day gang - Sunil, Charlie, Vibe, Nithi, Santu)

20. phew...last one or what? now let me see, have I missed something major...? I shall leave the last point for my buddies to fill in...they know me better than I do myself! :-))

So a small peek into me...a good way to start blogging!?

so finally whom do i take the revenge on??? lets TAG Sunil and Vid